Conscious living for personal and planetary wellbeing

Rewilding our hearts and our lands


We want to live in a flourishing world. One in which we flourish as individuals, each with the tools and skills to discover and maintain a genuine sense of inner harmony and wellbeing.

In which we flourish alongside other people and in conjunction with other living beings in recognition of the delicate balance of the web of nature that sustains all life.

And indeed, one in which whole ecosystems of plant and animal species are given the opportunity to flourish with minimal human intervention.

We need this now more than ever to restore ourselves, and our world, back towards a healthy, harmonious trajectory.

The ground is shifting beneath our feet. Rapid changes in technology, the earth’s climate and our ecosystems have become the norm and are only set to accelerate. Our post-industrial era saw tremendous growth, innovation, and increased quality of life for many in the developed world. It also generated enormous inequality and environmental degradation. As economic growth is predicted to slow to almost zero over the next 50 years, and as maintaining the status quo is beginning to look increasingly untenable, how can we find ways of living that are conscious, life-affirming, and promote a genuine sense of promise for ourselves and for future generations?

While no doubt we all aspire to live in a harmonious and healthy world, the complexities of our modern economies, political systems and conflicting personal values and priorities can easily distort our judgements and behaviours on the individual, societal and national levels. How can we as individuals and as microcosms of the collective mindset bring awareness to these conflicts and begin to navigate these sources of disharmony in our heart-minds? How can we then join back together for real collective influence?

As We Live and Breathe is an endeavour which is inspired by the work of ecological thinkers such as Joanna Macy, Naomi Klein and Bill McKibbin and many more, as well as on ancient spiritual wisdom and Buddhist contemplative practices. For our part, we’re looking to provide opportunities for us all to explore these ideas and practices within their own lives and a means of opening up a conversation around how we really want to live. To help uncover the seeds of fresh potential within each of our lives.